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Manpower Supply Services

As organizations work on improving and lowering the cost of their overall operations, the need for hiring temporary and specialized manpower supply increases significantly. As of December 2019, on average, 63% of a company’s staff was temporary.

However, with ample talent available, it can get challenging to find the perfect individual for your company. 3 Point Human Capital is a manpower agency that understands this and helps you hire the best and most talented temporary staff so that you can focus your energy on important business operations.

We are experts at manpower services of two kinds:

  • Temporary: working condition limited to a specific amount of time

  • Gig: specialized workforce on a contractual basis

Key Features and Benefits of Manpower Supply Services

As one of India’s most trusted manpower supply companies, Tashi Industries offers a number of benefits and features to our clients. With our top-notch services, your HR team will be able to focus all their energies on other core functions. Here are a few important benefits of availing manpower services:

  • Save 30% in operational cost

  • Save significant time to focus your energy on core operations

  • Strategic 7 S hiring process, reducing any iterations in manpower recruitment

  • Choose from a huge pool of talent from across India

  • Instant accessibility to the right candidate

Whether you are looking for specialized or temporary manpower solutions, you can expect us to come up with the right workforce to fit your needs.


We Offer Customized Solutions of Manpower Supply Services:

At Tashi Industries, we understand that each company has its own unique set of requirements, and so, we aim to offer customized manpower solutions to help you save time on training the hired individual.

With our custom manpower services, you get the following benefits:

  • Get access to talented manpower in 100+ leading cities in India

  • Find the talent that is socio-culturally settled in your preferred location

  • Hire candidates that have experience not just in the profile you’re looking for but also in your company’s domain

  • The top-notch talent that fits your organization needs perfectly

We can become your trusted manpower supply company by giving you exactly the candidates that you need to run your business smoothly.


How Does our Manpower Recruitment Process Work?

Tashi Industries is a pioneer at providing organizations with hassle-free manpower recruitment services. We follow a strategic three-step process to help our clients find the right fit for their company needs.

  • Defining the right specifications for faster and targeted sourcing

  • Coming up with a categorical selection process to ensure the right temporary manpower recruitment

  • Designing a robust onboarding process to minimize the number of candidate drop-outs

Tashi Industries is a manpower recruitment agency that understands the importance of hiring the right talent for an organization. We start by getting a thorough understanding of your organizational needs and help you zero down the most appropriate fit for your specialized operation. The next step includes the valuation of the shortlisted candidates’ skills and ensuring they suit the profile. Finally, we forward the profile for you to peruse and make the final decision.


Why Should You Choose 3 Point for Manpower Supply Services?

Tashi Industries is one of the most trusted manpower recruitment agencies in the country, the testimony to which is our happy clients and their smooth business operations.

We aim to offer the best customized and tailored manpower solutions and bring you talent from over 100 cities. As a manpower supply company, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Tashi Industries offers the following:

  • A highly experienced team of recruitment professionals that have expertise in hiring talent for different industry requirements

  • A lot of time to allow you to focus on core business operations

  • Savings in terms of operational costs and recruitment processes

  • The right fit for the right profile

Let us know your manpower needs and give us a chance to help you find the right talent!